AMX ResQ Keeps Pupils Safe and Sound...

AMX is enhancing its SchoolView solution with the introduction of the AMX ResQ system.

ResQ gives teachers a small classroom-audio pendant with built-in panic-button for use in the event of a classroom threat or other emergency.

The teacher-worn pendant, which integrates a quick-response transmitter and a microphone, also addresses another significant classroom issue by ensuring that students can hear the teacher’s voice from any location in the room.

AMX ResQ is an optional feature of the AMX SchoolView solution, a facility-wide, network-based system that fully integrates the control of many key technologies including PA/Intercom, bells, security cameras, energy management (PCs, projectors, lighting, and HVAC options), classroom technology control, classroom audio, streaming video broadcasts, digital signage and emergency alerts. School administrators can easily manage these combined technologies from a touchpanel, computer, iPad, tablet and other mobile devices.

In addition to the teardrop microphone pendant, AMX ResQ includes a receiver/amplifier unit and monitoring station as well as a network adapter that allows it to not only alert school administration but also local authorities.

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