AMX Muse automation platform and controller range now shipping in Middle East

The AMX Muse automation platform and controller range are now available in the Middle East region, designed to overhaul control and management of audiovisual systems.

The AMX Muse automation platform is designed to streamline the automation of audiovisual systems, enabling users to create custom automation solutions based on their needs.

The platform offers support for multiple scripting languages, including Python, Javascript and Groovy.

The controllers can simultaneously process scripts written in JavaScript, Python, or Groovy. Native support for low-code development with Node-RED is also included.

An embedded processor is included, featuring speeds ten times faster than previous AMX NX controllers, while also providing eMMC storage. The controllers are also built on Harman’s Linux platform for additional security.

Native support is also provided for Harman’s HControl open-API, HiQnet and ICSP protocols, with native support for visual flow-based development using the Node-RED development tool.

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