AMX introduces new encoders, decoders and connectivity modules at ISE 2024

AMX has launched its SVSI N3300 4K60 series of encoders and decoders, as well as new HydaPort connectivity modules for USB-C to HDMI-retractable cable connections and USB-C charging.

The SVSI N3300 series is designed for flexible streaming and interoperability in streaming applications, as well as for use in education, courtrooms, hospitality and government applications.

The N3300 delivers 4K60 H.26x and Dante AV-H video content at the lowest bandwidth, extending the reach of SVSI 4K60 networked AV systems to the WAN for streaming, video to desktop, digital signage, set-top boxes, or mobile device applications.

The encoders/decoders also offer recording of video to a USB 3.0 external drive on encoders, video preview images viewable from the built-in web interface or from a touch panel, as well as improved support for high-security networks.

N3300 systems are compatible with Dante Studio, a suite of software tools for PC that enable users to monitor or bring video directly into UC, recording, production or streaming applications without additional hardware.

The N3300 encoders are available in stand-alone box and card form factors, with N3300 encoders simultaneously outputting both 4K60 H.26x and 1080p H.26x video streams.

Available in stand-alone box and card form factors, N3300 Encoders simultaneously output both 4K60 H.26x

HydraPort Architectural Connectivity Modules 

AMX has also debutes new HydraPort architectural connectivity modules for USB-C to HDMI retractable cable connections and USB-C charging, designed for use in modern conference spaces and enabling dedicated video connections for mobile devices.

Two new USB-C charging modules are available, with or without an included power supply. The AMX HydraPort architectural connectivity system is available with a variety of chassis sizes, finishes and over 50 modules to choose from.

The USB-C to HDMI module with retractable cable delivers digital video in resolutions up to 4K@60Hz, with a retractable USB-C cable on top of the table and an HDMI output underneath it to simplify connecting modern laptops and mobile devices to a video network.

The two new USB-C charging modules provide both USB-C and USB-A connections with charging capability to the HydraPort chassis. The power symbol on the modules enables rapid identification that power is available. The HPX-USBC-US65 includes a two-port supply with a type A plug, capable of providing up to 65W over USB-C, and up to 30W over USB-A. The type A plug can provide up to 65W over USBC-C, and up to 30W over USB-A.

The HPX-USBC-100 provides functionality of the HPX-USBC-US65 but does not include a power supply, and can be combined with a supplied power supply, compatible with any global power plug standard.

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