AMX expands N1000 Series with N1134A SDI encoder

At InfoComm 2017 AMX introduced the N1134A SDI encoder, a video over IP encoding system to eliminate the need for an SDI-to-HDMI converter and to make it easy to integrate an SDI source into any AMX N1000 Networked AV platform.

The N1134A streamlines AV setup and allows the N1000 series Minimal Proprietary Compression codec to transport SDI video with sub-frame latency to any N1000 decoder.

The N1134A encoder integrates with AMX control systems, and features AES-67 for integration with audio devices including BSS and Crown. PoE power from an Ethernet connection to the local network switch speeds up installation and eliminates the need for a local power source.

The N1000 is suitable for in-room video distribution and switching applications, and can also effectively scale to as large as 32x32 matrix size.

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