AMX debuts low-bandwidth 4K networked AV product

Harman Professional Solutions has announced the new AMX N2300 Series of 4K video over IP products.

This addition to AMX’s existing range of 4K products adds a cost-effective 4K video distribution product for many common applications. With a bandwidth of less than 200 megabits per second, users can distribute 4K video over existing Gigabit Ethernet networks with a latency of only one frame.

The new AMX N2300 Series comes in addition to the existing AMX N2151/N2251 encoders and decoders, which offer JPEG2000-based 4K Networked AV distribution.

The N2300 Series supports HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2, making the line compatible with the latest 4K sources and displays. The N2300 encoders and decoders are PoE-powered, avoiding the need for an external power supply and thus simplifying installation. The products do not contain an internal fan for cooling, making them suitable for use in quiet environments.

Like other AMX Networked AV products, the N2300 Series has Native NetLinx capabilities for fast integration into Harman products. Additional features include keyboard/mouse support, RJ-45 and SFP network connections, support for balanced and unbalanced analog audio, and RS-232 and IR ports for device control.

The NMX-DEC-N2322 decoder is available as a standalone unit perfect for mounting behind a display. The NMX-ENC-N2312 encoder is available both in standalone and card-based configurations, providing options for installation near a source or in a rack, using the AMX N9206 2RU Rack Mount Cage. The AMX N9206 holds up to six cards for rack mount installation and optional consolidated power supply.

The AMX N2300 Series is expected to be available in November 2016.

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