AMX debuts 7-in N-Touch panel

AMX by Harman showcased its 7-in N-Touch panels providing HTML5-based control of SVSI Systems at InfoComm 2016.

The updated N-Series panels now offer a larger touch screen and improved hardware design and available in tabletop or wall-mount options. The panels are based on Modero S Series hardware design, and allow operators to add a control interface to AMX SVSI networked AV systems.

Each unit features a user interface and controller from which users can oversee every aspect of an SVSI product over the network, including altering video content presented, changing windowing processor presets or starting and stopping recordings. The panels can also control source and display devices connected to the RS-232 and IR ports built into the SVSI encoders and decoders. 

Once logged into the touch panel via a web browser, the programmer can create a user interface by dragging-and-dropping buttons onto an empty touch panel screen. These buttons can trigger scripts built via drop-down menus, or the programmer can extend their functionality through Javascript programming.

“The panel can have pages designed specifically for mobile devices, allowing for different button layouts or functionality when operated from a tablet or smartphone,” comments Paul Krizan, product manager for Networked AV at Harman.

Harman plan to release the AMX N-Touch panel in July 2016.

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