AMX bolsters Wi-Fi range

AMX has bolstered its Wi-Fi range with the Smart Wi-Fi system that features AMX Smart WAP and AMX ZoneDirector.

The Smart Wi-Fi system delivers an improvement in signal range and utilises BeamFlex technology from Ruckus Wireless.

A smart antenna array in each WAP automatically focuses Wi-Fi transmissions toward the receiver, constantly steering signals over the best performing paths while avoiding interference.

At the heart of the solution is AMX’s ZoneDirector, a centrally-managed WLAN controller. ZoneDirector integrates with network, security and authentication infrastructure already in place and is easily configured through a point-and-click Web-based wizard. Available AMX Smart WAP access points are automatically discovered and are configured by the ZoneDirector.

ZoneDirector provides WLAN-wide network, security, RF and location management within a WLAN system. AMX Smart WAP is a dual-band, smart Wi-Fi access point that can be deployed as a standalone point or combined with ZoneDirector as part of a centrally controlled system.

The smart antenna array of the AMX Smart WAP delivers up to 6dBi of signal gain and delivers 10dB of interference rejection to improve signal range extension, increase reliability and reduce packet loss.

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