AMX and Microsoft announce Surface Hub partnership

Microsoft and AMX, have announced that they have entered into a partnership to integrate Microsoft’s Surface Hub collaboration system with products from AMX.

Surface Hub is designed to simplify and streamline activities that take place during a meeting, AMX intends to incorporate Surface Hub into a unified platform that simplifies activities for organisations before, during and after the meeting.
AMX is incorporating Surface Hub into its Rapid Project Maker (RPM) software, eliminating the need for integrators to undertake custom programming in rooms with Surface Hub. Using RPM, customers can set up new rooms to be monitored and maintained in real time over the IT network with AMX’s Resource Management Suite (RMS) software.
By integrating Surface hub with RMS, organisations can augment Surface Hub’s native calendaring and scheduling functions by placing scheduling panels directly outside the room, allowing employees to instantly locate and reserve an available meeting space. RMS will also
enable IT organisations to remotely monitor equipment usage, troubleshoot performance issues and remotely power down equipment in order to save energy.

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