AMX adds two Enova DVX presentation switchers

AMX has introduced its eleventh and twelfth all-in-one presentation switchers, the Enova DVX-2110HD-SP and Enova DVX-2110HD-T.

The two new models are suitable for smaller meeting rooms or classrooms that typically only require three or four AV sources.
To accommodate any analogue or digital source, the Enova DVX-2110 features four video inputs including two multi-format DVI inputs that accept both analogue and digital video sources and two HDMI inputs.  All  inputs  are  HDMI/HDCP  capable. 

The DVX-2110  retains  all  of  the  features  that  comes as standard on every Enova DVX, including AV switching, an integrated NetLinx controller, professional audio DSP,  amplifier  and  twisted  pair  distance  transport. 

The  DVX-2110  also  includes  exclusive  AMX technologies  including SmartScale for perfectly scaled video  on  every  output  and  InstaGate  Pro to eliminate key constraints and delays when switching HDMI/HDCP sources.

The DVX-2110 is available in two models - the DVX-2110HD-SP features 2x25w - 8 Ohm amplification and the DVX-2110HD-T features 75w -70V/100V amplification.
The DVX-2110 is also immediately available as a configurable device in the AMX Rapid Project Maker (RPM) configuration tool.

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