Amscreen extends outdoor screens portfolio

Amscreen, a manufacturer of outdoor screens is following up the deployment of its 70-in exterior, sunlight visible displays, with a range of screens to be launched around Q2 2017.

Simon Sugar, CEO of Amscreen said: "The criteria for success of our 70-in products will also be embodied in the development of the new 84-in products."
Customers will have the choice of a modular 75-in or 84-in screens which can then be selected as single or dual sided displays as well as free standing or integrated bus shelter units. 

Sugar continued: "The ability of our network owners to customise designs that lend themselves to the specific outdoor environment offers the kind of flexibility customers now expect from digital signage providers.  When combined with all our standard benefits around reliability, maintenance and ease of day to day operations, we’re confident we have an even stronger product that’s fit for purpose whatever the requirements."  

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