Amplifier released by TV One

AUTHOR: Inavate

A dual audio distribution amplifier has been released by TV One, a Margate, UK headquartered audiovisual manufacturer. The 1T-DA-124 houses two independent distribution amplifiers.

The analogue stereo audio distribution amplifier within the 1T-DA-124 outputs four analogue audio feeds from a single input using 3.5mm Mini-Stereo connectors. The digital audio distribution amplifier, housed within the same unit, outputs four SPDIF digital audio feeds from a single input via RCA coaxial connectors. Both the analogue and digital audio amplifiers can be used simultaneously and several 1T-DA-124 units can be cascaded for expanded functionality. The analogue and digital inputs do not cross over and there is no analogue-digital conversion.

The small desktop unit has an optional rack-mounting kit that can be used to mount one or two units into a standard 19” rack if required. It has a locking DC power plug for extra cable security.