Amie-Sub completes Meyer Sound’s Amie Monitoring System

Meyer Sound has announced the introduction of the Amie-Sub compact cinema subwoofer, a self-powered unit specifically designed as al complement for the Amie Precision Studio Monitor.

The Amie-Sub provides high power output and transient reproduction, with headroom for very low distortion and a frequency range extending from 125 Hz to 25 Hz. The cabinet has an angled corner for connections, allowing placement flat against the wall in smaller production studios. An optional bracket enables mounting Amie-Sub from a ceiling. A complete 7.1 system can be powered from a single electrical outlet using the PowerCON AC loop output on both the Amie-Sub and Amie loudspeakers.

Amie-Sub has been optimised for pairing with the Amie Precision Studio Monitor, but it also works with the larger Acheron Designer screen channel loudspeakers as well as with the HMS series of surround loudspeakers.

The Amie-Sub cabinet incorporates a 15-in long-excursion driver and a convection-cooled amplifier in an optimally tuned, vented cabinet. On-board processing includes driver protection circuitry, low-pass filtering, and correction filters for phase and frequency response. The PowerCON AC input connector has a loop output for Amie loudspeakers. The standard audio input is XLR-F with an XLR-M loop output.

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