Amenities monitors energy over IP

Amenities, a new Dubai based energy monitoring company, has launched E1 monitors that oversee energy usage for multiple channels across multiple sites.

The product is designed to provide users with the ability to identify trends in their consumption thus facilitating changes in energy use patterns. E1 monitors are multi-channel so identify not just overall energy use, but determines specific data patterns for electrical sub-systems.

Amenities says the product reproduces recorded energy facts and represents them in a graphical format. The platform will be multi-language and currently English, Arabic, German, French and Spanish languages are supported by its software.

The company says it will release three products over the next 12 months. E1will be an energy monitoring product, offered as a cloud, hosted or standalone service. E2 will implement environmental monitoring - temperature, variable lighting levels and leaks. The final product within current scope is E3, it will add efficiency to its repertoire, meaning that features such as the automated shutdown of electrical peripherals utilising IP CCTV and motion sensors will be deployed.

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