Amazon debuts Alexa for Business blueprints

The Alexa for Business blueprints platform has been revealed, highlighting the inclusion of custom voice apps.

The new features, called private ‘skills’ will be for company use, which was previously limited to home usage.

Private skills allowed users within a household to create bespoke functionality by inputting custom requests and responses to blueprints.

The same functionality will now apply to Alexa for Business.

Companies will be able to create their own ‘Alexa-powered’ applications for internal use, with users able to input custom requests which can be reviewed and enabled by IT admins for the company to use.

Some of the blueprints available are Business Q&A for inquiries related to the business and Onboard Guide for new starters and human resources. Custom responses to employees’ questions can also be created.

Alexa private skills can be created without the need for coding, with requests able to be made for a private skill on the Alexa Skill Blueprints website, followed by testing and approval by admins.

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