Amate releases compact cabinet

Amate Audio has released a compact curvature array cabinet; the self-powered, DSP controllable Xcellence X12CLA.

The company designed a new waveguide to achieve the required 15-degree constant vertical directivity, partnering a single 12-in LF driver. It soon became apparent during the development programme, that the performance of the new waveguide far exceeded the initial design expectations. 

In array configuration the Xcellence X12CLA enables 15-, 30-, 45- or 60-degree vertical directivity, with one two, three or four cabinets respectively. Inter-cabinet connection is set via lateral rigging bars, providing a 15-degree fix angle between cabinets. The unit weighs 31.5 kg and has a 129 dB continuous SPL output. The cabinet can be flown, stacked or pole mounted on a sub.

On-board digital electronics include 24-bit /96kHz AD/DA converters and remote controllable 48–bit/96 kHz DSP, matched with third-generation 1.5kW Class D bi-amplification. Amate’s Windows or iPad based DSP Studio 2 software provides Ethernet and Wi-Fi control of gain, crossover filters, limiters, polarity, delay, parametric EQ and other parameters. The software provides information about the amplifier status, including input and output levels, heat-sink temperature, clip and protection indications. The company’s overvoltage protection circuit continuously monitors line voltage, instantly disconnecting the system when line voltage exceeds maximum permitted levels; the system automatically restarts when voltage returns to normal. 

Cabinet construction is of multilayer baltic birch plywood with high resistant black Polyurea coating with a 1.5 mm steel and grey micro-foam cloth grille.

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