Amate Audio ships commercial audio loudspeaker

Amate Audio’s commercial audio loudspeaker is now shipping.

G7 was developed in full in-house to create a dedicated compact EN54-24 certifiable, injection-mould design, able to match or exceed the performance levels of larger wooden loudspeaker cabinets.

The speaker has a 2-way hexagonal-form design, with power handling and output rated at 120 W and 112 dB SPL, fewer numbers of cabinets are required in any installation, and a full-frequency response means sub bass reinforcement is not required.

Proprietary design extends beyond the aesthetic form factor and includes the injection mould, with its advanced internal acoustic architecture, a 6.5-in carbon-fibre woofer delivering performance characteristics equivalent to a normal 8-inch driver, and an HF phase plug and flare assembly, with 1-in titanium domed neodymium tweeter.

Premium hardware extends to the aluminium grille and hardware, outdoor ready construction, the protected recessed connector panel, and integrated mounts for the supplied U-bracket; with recessed screw sockets for Amate Audio’s SP-6N dual-axis wall-mount. Swapping out the connector plate for the optional T-G7 version provides the G7 with 100 V line circuitry and 5 W / 10 W / 20 W / 40 W power selector.


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