Amate Audio expands loudspeaker management processor platform

Amate Audio has launched its LMS608 loudspeaker management processor, employing a 64-bit DSP architecture with configurable and assignable inputs that can be assigned to any output.

Two crossovers are included, with selectable Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley and Bessel filtering as well as independent compressor/limiter settings available on each output. 

Four analogue inputs are included alongside a two channel AES/EBU digital input and eight analogue outputs, all on balanced XLRs. 
The LMS608 has a 1U 19-In size and can be rack mounted, with additional system configuration capabilities for the management of large-scale passive sound reinforcement systems. 
24-bit ADDA convertors are also included on the unit’s I/Os, with 80 user-programmable password protectable memory presets as well as 20 factory presets. 

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