Altinex announces TNP221 connector

The Altinex TNP221 interconnect box provides a means of patching into a presentation system.

Incorporating a VGA computer video (15-pin) port, a Stereo 3.5mm mini-jack for audio follow, a USB connector, an RJ-45 Ethernet CAT-6 connector for network access, plus an AC power connection, the TNP221 makes it a snap to connect one’s laptop computer for a presentation. 
Additionally, the bezel of the TNP221 provides two buttons positioned along the right side of the unit’s bezel that enables the presenter to select monitor #1 or monitor #2 via the UT250-101 Under Table Matrix Switcher. This system accommodates as many as eight TNP221 interconnect boxes—enabling users to display their work on separate monitors.
Working in tandem with the TNP221 Tilt ‘N Plug interconnect box, the Altinex UT250-101 Under Table Matrix Switcher is an 8x4 VGA computer video and audio matrix switcher that provides easy routing and management of multimedia signals from multiple laptop computers and document cameras via a single, convenient location under a table—making this an invaluable product that greatly enhances productivity in the contemporary corporate boardroom or meeting facility.

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