Altinex announces Custom Match

Altinex has introduced Custom Match, a customisation process for matching the appearance of the company’s interconnect units—such as the Tilt ‘N Plug and Pop ‘N Plug Series—to the colour or pattern of the surface that the interconnect unit is to be installed into.

The result is seamless aesthetic integration into the surface, be it a solid colour or a pattern.

With a lead time of 10 days, Custom Match can be applied on any type of surface flush bezel. The scratch and stain resistant surface enables the interconnect box, when in the closed position, to blend into the pattern of the surface the unit is installed into. Surface types include granite, marble, wood, concrete, soapstone, and travertine. More surfaces can be custom matched to a client's exact specification. Every Custom Match unit’s surface is sealed with a scratch resistant epoxy polymer that is impervious to spills and typical counter-top contamination.

For the integrator, the Altinex Custom Match process can be completed when a small piece of the counter-top material is provided, it is used to create the final artwork that is to be placed on the bezel of the interconnect box.  Once completed, the high resolution image is applied to the surface of the bezel and colour matched closely to the original sample provided by the customer.

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