Allsee debuts hanging double-sided window display ’‹

The hanging double-sided window displays features an outside facing display with a brightness of 700cd/m2 and an inward facing display with a brightness of 450cd/m2.

The display is available in both 43-in and 55-in versions with a thickness of 23mm.

The double-sided window display also features an integrated wire hanging ceiling count which allows for the concealment of power and data cables in provided cover tubes.

An ultra-high brightness panel is included, capable of withstanding surface temperatures of up to 110 degrees Celsius with no blackening defect.

Content can be uploaded to the screen via a USB stick inserted into the display, allowing content to be copied over to the display then removed, allowing images and videos to be played in a continuous loop on both sides of the display.

An optional network upgrade is available, allowing users to network the screen to connect it via Wi-Fi, LAN or 4G, with options for remote updates using Allsee’s online CMS.

An integrated Android media player is included to update the screen via plug and play or Allsee’s online CMS, with third party applications being supported.

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