Allsee debuts hand-sanitisation display

Allsee has unveiled its 22-in hand sanitiser Android advertising displays, providing digital signage with a hand sanitisation station in healthcare, retail, education, corporate, gyms and hospitality venues.

The displays feature a free network upgrade and one-year subscription to Allsee’s CMS software and can be updated remotely using an online portal to ensure minimal contact after installation. 

Users can place their hand underneath the dispenser to receive a measured dose of hand sanitiser from a dispense valve, with the displays networked as standard with an automated on/off power timer. 

The hand-sanitiser’s tank capacity is set below one litre to reduce the risk of evaporation and can be refilled via a front access door. To access internal components, the rear panel can be removed to prevent electronics being exposed whilst the tank is being refilled. 

The displays can be upgraded to a touch screen version or 4G connectivity, being supplied in a variety of colours. 

The displays can also be mounted on a floor stand with a blue LED strip or mounted on a wall. 

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