Allsee debuts facial recognition thermometer display

Allsee has launched its eight-in facial recognition thermometer display, providing temperature readings, mask detection and facial recognition features.

The display is capable of alerting users if they do not meet set entry criteria, using a Melexis dual-chip system with a cooling fan and a thermal imaging module to measure ambient temperature as well as user body temperature. 

The full sensor temperature range offers a spectrum from -40°C to 85°C with an accuracy of ±0.3°C, with the system being automated and contactless to comply with social distancing guidelines. 

If a user’s temperature exceeds a stipulated temperature, a visual and audio alarm activates to alert users of fever symptoms, with the feature able to be disabled if not required. 

Allsee’s software is included as standard, able to be installed on a PC or server with separate login accounts with varying privileges for different users. 

The display also includes an integrated ID card reader, able to be controlled and managed by the display’s software and includes an adjustable desk mounted pole as standard for mounting. A flush fit or adjustable wall mount is available alongside a desk stand or floor stand, with all stand options including an integrated blue LED light strip. 

An optional hand sanitiser dispenser can also be added to a floor stand for hand washing. 

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