Allen & Heath upgrades iLive firmware

Allen & Heath upgraded its iLive firmware, releasing V1.9 that features new GEQ, Dynamic EQ and Multi-Band compressor emulations.

The release also increases MIDI control options and improves functionality in the supporting iLive Editor software and MixPad app.

All 32 mix outputs have extra Graphic EQ Low Frequency bands and a choice of four GEQ emulations with accurate modelling algorithms.

Two multi-band compressor (three and four-band) and a four-band dynamic EQ have been added to the library of FX emulations.

Improvements have been made to mix bus coherency, bank linking preferences on larger iLive surfaces, stereo input channel width control with modes such as M&S, configurable input meters source point, channel and mix delay bypass and extended MIDI functionality.

User permissions and networking flexibility have been enhanced for fixed installation applications. These include new audio synchronisation and routing options and full control of audio networking cards when fitted in an xDR-16 expander.

ILive Editor software now has a quick input set up window to mirror the iLive Surfaces and MIDI control of the Mix button, while the MixPad app can now hold up to 32 strips in custom layers, features an FX tap tempo control and Aux pan control improvements.

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