Allen & Heath releases firmware upgrade for dLive

Allen & Heath has released firmware V1.6, code name Fistral, for its flagship dLive mixing system.

Its biggest release yet, V1.6 adds Automatic Mic Mixer (AMM) features, Multi-Surface capability, support for a range of new installation hardware, and new DEEP processing models.dLive’s new advanced AMM can handle up to 64 microphones, with the facility to assign mics to 4 different AMM configurations when running multiple conference rooms or panel discussions.

The system offers two distinct AMM modes: classic gain sharing and a Number of Open Mics (NOM) algorithm.  
Multi-Surface capability with gain tracking allows up to four independent dLive Surfaces to control a single MixRack, opening new possibilities for installed and touring systems, including FoH/Monitor splits, sidecar mixing and Surface redundancy.

V1.6 also adds support for the recently launched range of dLive hardware for installed sound, including the DM0 MixRack, GPIO interface, IP1 wallplate controller and new DX expanders, hubs and modules for flexible I/O distribution. The new firmware also enables Internet access to dLive systems for remote control and diagnostics.

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