All-weather 65 inch double sided LCD

Infinitus is announcing the launch of two new products at ISE 2011. The existing imotion basic product range will expand with a new 65” Portrait double sided option.

The imotion HELP product line, with integrated automatic external defibrillator (AED), will grow to include a 65” model, in addition to the 52” portrait double sided option.

Both products are based on intelligent closed-split HVAC system technology enabling optimal environment for LCD panel and other integrated electronics, guaranteeing full capacity LCD brightness and long-life performance in any sun exposed area.

The imotion 65” Portrait Double Side, all-in-one full outdoor public LCD display, will enable end customers to utilise POI outdoor locations and project highly visible messages in two directions, utilising locations to the fullest and lowering investment per screen.

The imotion HELP 65” includes an integrated AED device, which can be registered as life saving point. In addition to the integrated AED, a 18.5” touch screen LCD display will be integrated into the side, enabling interested visitors to search for information while scheduled content appears on main displays.

Both products can be upgraded with Touch screen, Bluetooth, WiFi and anti-graffiti technologies.

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