Alcorn McBride updates audio playback unit

Alcorn McBride is introducing 8-TraXX, an updated version of its audio playback unit, at InfoComm next week.

The unit now offers Ethernet control and remote update along with contact closure, voltage RS-232 or MIDI control. Users can access eight independent stereo tracks from a single, economical rack-mount unit. Tracks are individually triggered for maximum flexibility in attraction designs.

Alcorn McBride will also introduce a video workflow solution. MediaFlow software encodes source material and transfers it to Alcorn McBride video players. MediaFlow software is pre-configured to produce video compatible with Alcorn McBride products. It steps through the process and readies content for use. After material is encoded, MediaFlow’s built-in FTP capability can transfer files to Ethernet enabled devices. It accepts all the major video formats and outputs H.264 or MPEG2 video (MPEG or AAC audio). MediaFlow supports PAL and NTSC.

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