Alcons to demo LR24 line array

At Pro Light & Sound Alcons will be demonstrating its larger-format LR24 3-way pro-ribbon line array.

The company says the unit sets a new benchmark for throw, projection control and sound quality as it is loaded with the unique RBN1402rsr proprietary pro-ribbon transducer, with unmatched flat SPL up to 20kHz. The LR24 is accompanied by the system-matched BC543 triple 18” carbon-cone cardioid subwoofer, driven by Sentinel 10 amplified loudspeaker controllers. All four acoustic formats of Alcons products will be demonstrated - the VR8 ultra-compact point-source monitor, the QR24 line source column, LR7 micro line array and RR12 point source array, besides the LR24.

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