Alcons releases wide dispersion pro-ribbon line array

Alcons has announced the launch of its LR18/120 three-way format line-source sound system, combining a 120-degree wide dispersion sound quality with SPL capabilities and throw.

The LR18/120 features power handling of 1500W with an RMS-to-peak power handling ratio of 1:15.

A horn-loaded 6.5-in midrange transducer is included, coaxially mounted behind the HF driver with the LF section consisting of two reflex-loaded 8-in woofers with 3-in voice-coil Neodymium motor structure.

System drive is provided by two channels (bi-amp) of the Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controller, featuring LR18 specific drive processing and feedback for each array configuration, with new presets including “VHIR processing” to allow for phase-matching with any Alcons system.

Signal integrity sensing pre-wiring is included, allowing for cable/connector compensation between the LR18/120 and ALC.

The rigging system also allows users to enable angle-setting on the cabinets without lifting the array, with a working load limit of 24 cabinets under 10:1 safety.

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