Alcons introduces QRP20 Pro-Ribbon Point Source Column

Alcons Audio has launched the QRP20, a 2-way column array system for increased projection control to be used as a vertical sound system, for both permanent and portable applications.

It is specifically designed for applications where fidelity response needs to be projected with wide horizontal and narrow vertical coverage, making it suitable for acoustically challenging environments, or applications where intelligibility-over-distance is required.

Loaded with the RBN401 4-in pro-ribbon driver on a “Morpher” lens, the system offers a high throw-efficiency and projection control, due to the pro-ribbon’s all-natural cylindrical wavefront.

Its transient response and high peak power handling (800W @ 200ms) cater for intelligibility from the lowest to the highest SPL with a 1:15 RMS-to-peak dynamic range, while offering maximum “gain-before-feedback”.

The flat frequency response and the fast impulse response of the RBN mid-high frequency transducers, in combination with the sharply controlled dispersion, brings a maximum “gain-before-feedback” up to directly in front of/under the system.

Due to the “compression-less” principle of the pro-ribbon transducer technology, the system has a fully linear response at any SPL, for an intuitive 1:1 performance.

The RBN401 is mounted in a D'Appolito speaker configuration with the 4 5-in woofers in a sealed cabinet. The custom-design 5-in woofers feature Active Coil technology for extremely low-distortion LF reproduction, a perfect match with the pro-ribbon MHF reproduction.


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