Alcons introduces CRMS

Alcons is targeting small cinemas and post-production facilities with its CRMS, Cinema Ribbon Monitor System.

The reference-quality sound reproduction system incorporates fully matched loudspeaker, processing and amplifier components. It is a hybrid three-way main- /two-way surround-system.

Each system consists of a separate mid-high frequency (“MHF”) section, featuring one RBN401 pro-ribbon driver HF with non-vented 8” MF and a low frequency 15” (“LF”) section, with low power-compression 4” voice-coil.

The MHF section is designed to act both as MHF section for the main/front system, as well as full-range surround system.

The patented “Real-90” horizontal dispersion of the RBN401 is designed to extend the stereo-imaging to a larger number of seats in the auditorium and/or widen the sweet-spot in near-field (studio) applications.

High peak power handling of the RBN401 pro-ribbon driver (800W) is claimed to offer true Digital-Cinema-ready performance, with a 1:16 dynamic ratio, while enabling maximum screen compensations without any audible stress on the HF driver.

Due to the absence of a large (compression) horn, the system depth is only 33.5cm/ 13.2in.

Powered and controlled by the ALC (Amplified Loudspeaker Controller), the CRMS system has its own dedicated speaker drive. There’s a choice of analogue (SDP) and digital (DDP) processing modules, where the analogue system offers non-latency pre-set controlling, and the digital system offers system settings, “on-board” parametric equalising, delay per section, user presets, a.o.

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