Alcons extends Q-series with Q24 line-array

Alcons Audio has built on its Q-series with the Q24 line-source array column, a modular two-way column loudspeaker.

The unit is designed for use in vertical array systems in both permanent and portable applications.

It is a modular system with low-frequency directivity (“near field”) that can be increased by extending the array length. QM low-mid fill columns can be used to make multiple individual mid-high frequency.

The QR24 measures 66cm in length, and is fitted with 4x 6.5” woofers and two purpose-built 12” pro-ribbon drivers.

Alcons developed the RBN03 pro-ribbon platform for the system. The system’s active frontal radiation is close to 90% through the use of two 12” RBN drivers. 

The projection pattern in the horizontal / non-coupling plane is 80-degrees (-6dB) and in the vertical / coupling plane, it is 6-degrees (single column).

Each 12” RBN driver has a peak power handling of 2.000W (200 msec). The frequency response is -3dB flat between 74Hz. to 20.000Hz.

Passive filtering allows up to three QR24 modules to be combined on one amplifier channel, with an array length of 2m. The QR24 is powered and controlled by the Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controller.

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