Alcons extends carbon footprint

Alcons Audio has announced its new BQ211 subwoofer, which extends the low frequency response of the company’s pro-ribbon systems for both permanent and portable applications.

The BQ211 is a double-tuned, quarter-wave loaded subwoofer system which is designed to offer maximum, prolonged high impact SPL performance from a comparatively small footprint.
It contains a very large displacement 21” Neodymium transducer with an all-carbon fibre cone, for high pressure loading, plus a force-ventilated 5.3" voice-coil. The latter is mounted in a vented triple-spider frame and features optimised low resistance impedance and a port-vented magnet structure, to reduce power compression and prolong performance.
The internally-braced 15mm birch cabinet features double-tuned, high-pressure loading, through a rounded 236mm/9.3-in diameter low-tuned bass-reflex vent and wide, high-tuned quarter wave tunnel. This provides optimised breathing at high SPLs, yet keeping the total system weight to a minimum.

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