Alcons Audio adds new subwoofer

Alcons has launched its BF121 subwoofer system, featuring a 12-in long-excursion woofer with double spider suspension and a four-in voice-coil in a bass reflex configuration.

The direct-radiating woofer is supplied mounted in a vented chamber, with bass reflex port and a frequency range tuned to a -3dB response from 40 Hz to 300 Hz and 33 Hz at -10dB. 

The BF121 is driven and controlled by the ALC amplified loudspeaker controller, with integrated factory pre-sets in the drive processor of the ALC providing gain, phase and filtering matching with Alcons systems including cardioid projection control pre-sets. 

An additional front-positioned NL4 connector is provided for “reverse connection” in cardioid arrays, which can be simulated in the Alcons Ribbon Calculator (ARC). 

The subwoofer is SIS pre-wired, with the signal integrity sensing circuit of the ALC allowing for the cable length and connector resistance between the BF121 and ALC to be compensated with a system damping factor of 10.000, 

The BF121 features a four Ohms system impedance and is available in road-version and installation (i) models, omitting handles, a wheel dolly board and the M20 threaded stand mount flange, finished in Alcons’ Durotect scratch-resistant coating.

The subwoofer can also be finished in any RAL colour and features Alcons’ six years warranty.  

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