Alcons Audio launches ’˜arrayable’ subwoofer

Alcons Audio has unveiled its QB242 modular bass element, designed to be used in both permanent and some portable applications.

The QB242 is a scalable, low-frequency extension system designed to be used with the QR24 line-source column system or as an ‘arrayable’ LFE system with an Alcons pro-ribbon system. 

The QB242 can be be stacked or flow in multiples, with the controlled, cylindrical projection can be extended to lower frequencies by enlarging the LFE array length through adding additional QB242 modules, with the lowest usable frequency of one element being 35Hz. 

Two direct-radiating 12-in Neodymium woofers are mounted in a vented chamber, with bass reflex ports and an eight Ohms system impedance. 
The subwoofer is powered and controlled by the ALC amplified loudspeaker controller, providing QB242-specific drive processing. 

Through signal integrity sensing pre-wiring, the cable length and connector resistance between the QB242 and ALC is compensated (with system damping factor 10.000)

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