Alcons Audio adds LR24/120 mid-size line array for medium to larger applications

Alcons Audio has added to its L-series of pro-ribbon line arrays for indoor and outdoor venues with the LR24/120 mid-size line array for medium to larger applications.

Currently comprising of 18 models, the technology of Alcons’ L-series ranges from the LR7 micro line array module - for smaller, portable or permanent applications - up to the LR28 larger format line array module, designed for arenas, stadiums and major outdoor events. All based around the company’s pro-ribbon transducer technology.

The LR24/120 is designed to complement the narrower dispersion, longer throw LR24/90 for delivering sound to medium to larger applications.

The three-way, bi-amped LR24/120 features the bespoke RBN1202rs 12-inch pro-ribbon transducer with acoustically and electronically symmetrical component configuration, delivering a natural cylindrical wavefront with pattern control in both the vertical and horizontal plane. Without any distortion-inducing horn construction, the transducer produces pure sound up to the highest frequencies, the coherence of the vertical dispersion delivering inter-cabinet coupling for HF throw and wind stability. Thanks to the RBN1202’s power handling of 2500W, enabled by its 12” voice-coil, and an RMS-to-peak ratio of 1:15 from 1 kHz to 20 kHz, intelligibility is complemented by maximum dynamic headroom reserve.

The pro-ribbon driver is complemented by a mid-frequency section comprising two 6.5-in midrange transducers with neodymium motor structure; The low frequency section features a new generation 12-in transducers, fitted with a large, dual 3.5-inch voice coil neodymium motor. This enables a significantly extended excursion with high sensitivity for high output bass, with an extremely low distortion.

The LR24/120 delivers intelligibility and non-compressed, identical tonal balance at any SPL. As with all Alcons L-series systems, this is assisted by Signal Integrity Sensing (SIS) pre-wiring. This circuit ensures dynamic cable/connector compensation between the LR24/120 and the Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controller which powers it, providing undistorted, natural sound reproduction regardless of cable length and amplifier impedance load. Dedicated system configuration presets feature the VHIR flat-phase processing. 

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