Albiral demonstrates new pop-up monitors at InfoComm

Dynamic 3 is a new versatile motorised screen system, available in 17 and 19”, which minimises the depth of the mechanism and which can be integrated into board, meeting and conference tables and also into information counters.

The screen can be rotated 180 degrees, facilitating the share of the information and it can be folded into the desk both with the screen upwards and downwards. In the last case, the back of the monitor housing can covered with leather, wood or any other type of material to obtain a uniform desk finish. It is available both in manual and motorised versions.

The Dynamic 3 range allows the incorporation of keyboard and mouse which appear and disappear in the interior of the work surface by pressing a button. The screen can work both in vertical as in horizontal mode, and it is the only system of the market that in addition to the folding movement allows a rotation of 180 degrees.

The system is closable in 2 positions; with the screen facing up or facing down and its electronics will automatically detect the position and reverse the image accordingly.

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