AKG releases DMS800 wireless microphone system

Harman’s AKG is introducing the DMS800 reference digital wireless microphone system.

The DMS800 features two digital audio outputs for Dante and AES EBU, along with improved design and mechanics for the DHT800 handheld transmitter, plus interchangeable microphone heads.

The system also includes the DSR800 stationary receiver and the DPT800 wireless body pack transmitter. The system offers two balanced XLR and two unbalanced jack connectors, as well as digital wireless audio transmission with low-cut filter, 3-band equaliser, dbx compressor and dbx limiter.

The DMS800 allows users to choose from a variety of dynamic and condenser vocal microphones, including the D5 WL1, D7 WL1 and C5 WL1.

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