AKG introduces MicroLite mics

AKG by Harman has introduced the MicroLite series of miniature wearable reference microphones, including lavalier, ear-hook and headworn options.

The LC81 MD is a cardioid lavalier microphone on the market with a diameter of 4.8mm, a length of 10mm, and a weight of 2g. The microphone has a sensitive cardioid polar pattern picks and is available in four colours.

The LC82 MD omnidirectional lavalier microphone has a diameter of 3mm and a length of 6.5mm. It is also available in four colours.

EC81 MD and EC82 MD ear-hook microphones provide additional options for wireless sound and come in cardioid (EC81 MD) or omnidirectional (EC82 MD) options and are available in two colours.

The HC81 MD and HC82 MC headworn microphones deliver sound in cardioid and omnidirectional formats, respectively.

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