AJA updates Ki Pro Go H.264 recorder and player

AJA has announced its v2.0 firmware update for the Ki Pro Go, expanding timecode options and introducing network downloading and new functionality.

Recording support for up to 25 Mbps, 10-bit and 4:2:2 colour space has been added in addition to new timecode capabilities with LTC, improved super out and front panel audio monitoring, in-system drive formatting, network file downloads and gang recording support. 

Users can also choose from five recording settings including low for talking heads, conference backups and security recording, med-low, medium, med-high and high for fast moving content.

 Improved super out and front panel audio monitoring also displays the remaining media percentage and audio metres for all four video channels, expanding timecode options by providing an option for LTC on one of the analogue audio inputs to enable the second analogue audio input channel to function as a mono input. 

The firmware update also introduces in-system media formatting, removing the need for a separate PC. 

Network file downloading also allows for use in live production environments, allowing users to record files to a central server on the LAN. 

Gang support has been added to allow users to connect multiple Ki Pro Go devices together via Ethernet to control the group of devices using one unit. 

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