AJA unveils 12G-SDI openGear systems

AJA has launched two 12G-SDI openGear systems, the OG-12GM and OG-FiDO-TR-12G, including support for up to 4K/UltraHD content.

The OG012GM is a 12G-SDI to/from quad-link 3G-SDI muxer/demuxer, operating as an openGear compatible SDI transport converter that supports single link 12G-SDI to/from quad-link 3G-SDI, two sample interleave (2SI) to/from Squad Division (Quadrant) pixel mapping and selectable distribution amplifier (1x4).

Timing analysis is available for validating alignment of quad-link SDI inputs via a timing analyser that assists with identifying possible timing issues for quad-link signals.

The OG-FiDO-TR-12G available as a 12G-SDI/Fibre transceiver. Both models are designed for use in openGear 2RU frames and are compatible with Ross DashBoard software for device control and monitoring.

12G-SDI to fibre conversion and fibre to 12G-SDI conversion with single-link LC connectivity, allowing long cable runs up to 10km for single mode.

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