AJA releases Bridge Live V1.11

AJA Video Systems has released Bridge Live v1.11 for its UltraHD or multi-channel HD encoding, transcoding, decoding and contribution system.

The update introduces new functionalities including HLS input, VBR low latency, E-AC3 input, and user experience upgrades for efficiently managing pipelines.

Developed in partnership with Comprimato, Bridge Live is a turnkey 1RU system that makes it easy to move UltraHD or multi-channel HD video between uncompressed baseband SDI to/from a wide range of contribution, delivery and streaming codecs (H.265, H.264, MPEG-2 and JPEG 2000).

Bridge Live v1.11 new features included HLS input functionality for receiving HLS streams and bringing them into SDI baseband productions. HLS input supports both AVC TS segments for H.264 and the newly emerging fragmented MP4 standard for H.265/H.264.

New VBR implementation allows for lower latency presets with algorithmic intelligence, and a new E-AC3 input supports Dolby Digital workflows. Additionally, pipeline upgrades include co-existence of different time bases, more efficient tools for managing presets, and REST API enhancements allowing calls for individually starting and stopping pipelines.

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