AG Neovo NSD-Series Displays ’“ One Display, Five Digital Signage Solutions

The NSD-Series is a 4K all-in-one digital signage display that features an embedded Android system, providing flexible software to fulfil different solutions. Boasting an open-source platform, the NSD-Series can integrate Android digital signage software from various supported apps.

As well as featuring in-built LAN-based digital signage software, it also offers a cloud-based digital signage solution to remotely manage campaigns and 4K UHD displays with an internet browser. With a built-in media player and comprehensive connectivity to external devices, the content can be published via USB, micro SD and external signage players. The NSD-Series display is ideal for retail shops, restaurants, hotels and other public spaces to meet various business needs.

Android Digital Signage
Seamless integration for your favourite 3rd party digital signage Android app into the system.

Free bundled digital signage software to create, schedule and publish content from your PC or laptop via local network.

Cloud Signage
Built-in Cloud integration enables content to be published and managed via various web-based devices.

Built-in Media Player
Create, save, and publish image and video content from internal memory or via USB and Micro SD drives.

External Media Player
Connect to external media players with ease via HDMI and VGA inputs.

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