AED Group unveils AED Audio products

AED Group has announced the launch of its audio brand, AED Audio, presenting three debut products at ISE 2020.

AED Audio will unveil its Flex6 multipurpose powered line source speaker, the Solid15 powered 15-in low cabinet or subwoofer and the Solid28 powered subwoofer. 

The Flex6 loudspeaker is designed to be used for a variety of applications, with the 1.300 RMS powered speaker able to be mounted on a pole, stacked, used to create a column array or flown as a line array with up to sixteen cabinets. 

Two Flex6 loudspeakers can also be placed horizontally on a pole in a sub-top combination. 

The Solid15 is a 15-in, 1.800W RMS low cabinet or subwoofer able to be used in a variety of configurations, whether operated in a standalone, flown or stacked method. 


The Solid28 powered subwoofer 18-in band pass powered subwoofer includes a 3.000W RMS robust amplifier module for an output of 137 max SPL. A frequency response of 25 Hz to 150 Hz is featured, with the Solid28 can be combined with the Solid15 and the Flex6 for large scale applications. 


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