Adtec introduces encoder-modulator

Adtec Digital says its HDMI2QAM dual channel encoder with QAM modulator provides high definition video delivery over coaxial cable systems.

Primary applications are for use with clear QAM distribution to ATSC televisions. The HDMI2QAM automatically detects video and audio, encodes, multiplexes and generates program information (PSIP); it then modulates and up-converts two channels for distribution via coax. Closed captioning, support for Emergency Alert (EAS), and Dolby Digital Audio are standard.

For cable television applications, the unit modulates the signal using QAM annex B or C and up-converts two video and audio services multiplexed on one carrier frequency for distribution via coax networks. Video rates are automatically adjusted based on HDMI video input, resolution, audio passthrough or encode and QAM modulation target. The unit can be configured using the integrated front panel keypad and LCD screen or through use of a web browser based interface.

Distribution applications for Adtec’s HDMI2QAM include ATSC distribution, DVB Distribution, private cable, hospitality, medical, education, and cable television.

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