Additions to test functionality

NTI has extended the functionality of the analog signal generator MRPRO by introducing new firmware V2.01.

Now Minirator MRPRO measures the impedance and phase of the connected load and calculates the related power for 70V or 100V distributed loudspeaker systems. An enhanced cable test function and new test signals for amplifier and noise measurements widen the applications range of the MR-PRO.

The new impedance and power test function perfectly suits 70V/100V distributed loudspeaker installations. The technician simply selects the applicable system reference voltage (e.g. 70V or 100V) and connects the speaker line terminals. Now the Minirator immediately displays the nominal power and phase angle of the speaker line. The test level and frequency are adjustable according to requirements. The measurement results show whether the selected section of the system is wired according to specifications, and reliably detects incorrectly terminated or defective speakers. These new functions simplify commissioning tasks of any 70 or 100V distributed loudspeaker system.

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