Adder launches XD600 Series of KVM extenders

Adder Technology has announced a new series of point-to-point KVM extenders.

The ADDERLink XD600 series is suitable for installers looking to extend computer signals and take real-time control of critical PCs and applications housed securely in remote or rarely-accessed locations.

The ADDERLink XD600 series comprises the XD614, XD641 and XD642 models which are designed to meet the needs of any modern control room. With features such as single, dual and quad-head connectivity, emulated USB, copper and fiber support, MST functionality, visually lossless 4K/60 video and ultra-low latency, users can choose the right model to provide a true ‘at the PC’ experience based on their requirements.

The new ADDERLink XD600 series:
•    ADDERLink XD614 KVM Extender: a quad-head KVM extender using in-built DisplayPort MST technology and HD resolution support to deliver flexibility and control.
•    ADDERLink XD641 KVM Extender: a single-head KVM extender designed to deliver 4K/60 KVM extension over a copper or fibre link.
•    ADDERLink XD642 KVM Extender: a dual-head 4K/60 KVM extender with emulated full and hi-speed USB2.0 and support for multiple audio types.

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