Adder announces new KVM receiver

Adder has announced the launch of its AdderLink Infinity 3000 (ALIF3000) KVM receiver, the latest addition to its AdderLink Infinity range.

The ALIF3000 adds virtual machine (VM) access and switching between a scalable amount of virtual and physical environment, with the KVM receiver designed to integrate VM access and switching from one human machine interface.

The receiver can integrate VM access into an existing AdderLink Infinity network, with the ALIF3000 being built on the Intel 1 X-86 microprocessor architecture. 

The ALIF3000 can also provide video, audio and USB 2.0 to single or dual screens over a single 1GbE link.  

The receiver can also integrate with the AdderLink Infinity Manager, allowing administrators to define secure user access rights for target PCs that can only be accessed by permitted users. 

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