Adam Hall to highlight audio and lighting products at ISE 2020

Adam Hall will highlight a range of new audio and lighting products at the show across its LD Systems and Cameo Brands, bringing a variety of new systems to the show.

IPA Series installation power amplifiers 

LD systems will show its IPA series power amplifiers with DSP and Dante, with DSP-based four channel installation power amplifiers. 

The series, comprised of the IPA412T (120W) and IPA424T (240W) feature integrated transformers per channel, providing 100V/70V tap down to four ohms. 

Each model includes a slot for an expansion card, able to be used to control the IPA amplifiers, including all DSP parameters, via Ethernet, integrating them into larger installation networks to Dante AoIP connectivity. 

The DSP section includes PEQ with a matched speaker library, dynamics, matrix mixer, priority source selector and delay, with the IPA series able be interact with future remote units and paging microphones from LD Systems via a remote bus based on controller area network (CAN) architecture. 

IMA Series amplifiers 

LD Systems will unveil the IMA30, the first in its range of IMA series of installation mixing amplifiers for use in fixed installations. 

The IMA30 is available with a 9.5-in chassis and 2RU, with two mic/line inputs with a +24VDC phantom selector, two stereo line inputs and an integrated Bluetooth wireless signal input for connecting music sources as well as a priority input for emergency paging. 

Outputs also include a powered 30W@40 Ohms output with a 70/100V tap and bass/treble tone controls. 

A low-Z/high-Z selector separates the output signal from the output transformer, with the IMA30 able to be used in conjunction with external amplifiers, subwoofers or music-on-hold systems via the separate aux line output. 

A music mix selector can also be used to determine whether a mix or only selected music source is channeled to the output. 

The IMA30 includes four priority levels for emergency calls, mic/line inputs and connected music sources in addition to a selectable automatic standby mode for Energy Star certification. 


DQOR outdoor speaker series

LD Systems’ series of installation loudspeakers for outdoor and indoor use will be showcased, with the two-way systems on offer as a low-impedance version (Eight Ohm) and high-impedance version (16 Ohm) with tap switch for variable power output in 70/100V applications. 

Available in three-in, 5.25-in and eight-in options, an integrated wall mount is included with a slide-and-lock mechanism for mounting purposes.
An integrated connection panel allows the loudspeakers to be used without visible cable paths, with a 27 degrees tilt and 45 degrees pan mechanism allowing for accurate positioning. 

The DQOR series is available in both black and white colour options. 


MAUI i1 active column speaker 

The LD Systems’ MAUI i1 active column speaker will be shown for use in fixed installations, having been reworked for the purpose. 

The MAUI i1 column speaker has 9x3-in full-range woofers and 2x1-in neodymium high frequency drivers with an integrated two-way crossover and 120W RMS power at eight Ohms. 

The MAUI i1 also has an input mode switch with eight Ohms/70/100V options and a power tap selector with 60 – 30 – 15 – 7.5W taps. 

A U-bracket for wall/ceiling mounting is included, with the active column speaker being available in black and white colour options. 


Zone X1208 matrix processor 

The Zone X1208 19-in DSP matrix processor includes a range of remote control options, with a 40-bit floating point DSP engine. 

Users can load DSP templates for various installation requirements and features a built-in event scheduler to allow users to create calendar-specific workflow controls, allowing for automated preset changes. 

A remote bus is included for integration with future LD Systems control panels and paging microphones alongside 12 balanced mic/line puts, microphone preamps and 48V phantom power selection per input. 

Eight balanced line outputs, eight GPI and eight GPO logic ports are also included. 
Remote control can be enabled via the Xilica Designer control software by using the integrated Ethernet interface, with remote control apps for iOS and Android available to customize the Zone X1208 user interface. 

An additional model, the Zone X1208D with an integrated Ethernet + Dante card is available, with 64x64 Dante Audio over IP channels. 

The Ethernet + Dante card is also available for upgrading of the standard Zone X1208.


Drop Series Uplights 

Cameo will present its Drop series battery powered outdoor uplights for rental companies, with the Drop series able to mounted in a variety of ways via a mounting bracket or rubber feet, with an additional tilt foot for uplight application without an attached bracket. 

The Drop B1 features an integrated magnet, allowing the uplight to be attached to metal surfaces without additional equipment. 

The Drop series is comprised of three models, the Drop B1 (1x15 W RGBWA+UV LED), Drop B4 (4X15 W RGBWA+UV LEDs) and the Drop P4 (4X15 W RGBWA+UV LEDs) with a conventional mains power supply.
Battery powered models feature an LG Chem lithium-ion battery with an adjustable runtime of up to 12 hours. 

Light output can be changed, via two diffuser lenses for flexible beam angle spread options, with all models featuring a built-in 2.4 GHz W-DMX receiver for wireless DMX and IR control. 

Light output can also be changed via the four touch buttons display. 

Opus X profile 

The Cameo Opus X Profile is being demonstrated for the first time in Europe, generating a flux of 33,000 lm and 72,000 lux illuminance at five metres. 

The Opus X Profile can be combined with a CMY colour mixing system including a colour wheel with six dichroic filters and linear CTO correction ranging from 6,500 k to 2,600 k. 

A zoom range of six degrees to 48 degrees is included, with the Opus X Profile enabling projections without disturbing hotspots. 

The Opus X Profile also includes a rotating animation wheel, a rotating gobo wheel with six indexable and rotatable interchangeable glass gobos, a static gobo wheel with seven interchangeable glass gobos, a rotatable and indexable circular five-facet prism and six facet prism with a variable frost filter for wash light effects. 

The battery-powered touchscreen display with push encoder and back buttons allows for configuration independent of mains power, allowing the Opus X Profile to be controlled via the integrated W-DMX transceiver, DMX, RDM, Art-Net or sACN.


Evos W7 LED Moving Head

The Cameo Evos W7 LED WashBeam moving head has a total of 19x40 W RGBW, delivering coverage up to 540 degrees horizontally (pan) and 270 degrees vertically (tilt).

A zoom range of 4.5 degrees to 55 degrees allows for the Evos W7 to create beam and large-area wash effects, with the directional light beams able to be asymmetrically shaped using an included beam shaper. 

Individual control of all LEDs is provided by single pixel control, with the moving head’s refresh rate able to be adjusted in six stages between 800 Hz and a maximum of 25 kHz. 

Software control via a network can be enabled, with the W-DMX transceiver, DMX, RDM Art-Net3, sACN or KlingNet.


F4 Series Spotlights

The Cameo F4 series is comprised of three LED Fresnel spotlights in Tungsten (3,200 K warm-white), Daylight (5,600 K cold-white) and RGBW full-colour with a turnable white function (1,600 K – 6,500 K). 

An output of up to 34,000 lm (Daylight version) is available, with all F4 models featuring a colour rendering index (CRI > Ra90), an adjustable zoom range from 12 degrees to 40 degrees as well as 16-bit technology for dimming, including four selectable dimming curves and adjustable dimming response. 

A selectable PWM up to 25K Hz is included to enable ‘flicker-free’ operation.
The F4 LED Fresnel Spotlights also feature a heat pipe cooling system and a silent mode. 

Opus H5 moving head

Cameo’s Opus H5 moving head is a beam, spot and washlight hybrid with 18,000 lm light output and 400,000 lux illuminance at five metres. 

The moving head features an Osram Sirius HRI 470 W discharge lamp for bright and parallel beams, with a zoom range from two degrees to 42 degrees. 

The H5 includes a CMY colour mixing system, colour wheel with 13 cichroic filters, two gobo wheels (rotating and static), two frost filters for wash effects and four prisms on two wheels. 

Connectivity options via DMX, RDM, Art-Net or sACN are also available, allowing the Opus H5 to be controlled wirelessly via an integrated W-DMX receiver. 


H2 series houselights 

The Cameo H2 series houselights feature DMX control options and high dimmer resolution, being available as full colour, warm white and adjustable daylight versions. 
A luminous flux of up to 17,000 lm (H2D) with a 180W LED with silent and ‘flicker-free’ operation based on selectable PWM frequencies up to 25 kHz. 

Flexibility is provided by the interchangeable lenses which can be used to adjust the beam angle from 20 degrees to 45 degrees, with terminal block connectors being included alongside five-pin XLR connectors for the DMX signal. 

Wireless control via W-DMX is enabled, with a supplied mounting bracket enabling the H2 houselights to be integrated into truss constructions and wall installations with ceiling mounting being possible via an optional wall mount. 


ISE 2020 will run from 11-14 February 2020 at the RAI Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 


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