Adam Hall Group unveils audio products at NAMM 2020

Adam Hall Group has unveiled a range of new products in its audio and lighting ranges at Winter NAMM 2020 including its MAUI 44 G2 active column PA system, ICOA series active coaxial PA speakers and more.

MAUI 44G2 active column PA system
The MAUI 44G2 active column PA system features 1,500 W RMS and 130 dB max. SPL. When used with a second subwoofer, the low-end can be operated in a cardioid configuration, with the subwoofer module housing a 15-in neodymium woofer.
The MAUI 44 G2 includes a vertical array system comprised of 12 3.5-in neodymium speakers with four HF drivers coupled to a BEM wave guide.

DynX DSP technology is used with aptX and AAC coding for full bandwidth audio over Bluetooth. TrueWireless stereo technology is also integrated to enable wireless stereo sound from two MAUI 44G2’s.   

ICOA series active coaxial PA speakers
The ICOA series active coaxial PA speakers were shown, featuring a rotating, BEM-optimised CD horn and DynX DSP presets, with the ICOA loudspeakers able to be used vertically as a satellite and horizontally as a stage monitor. 

The ICOA loudspeakers are available in a 12-in or 15-in version. 


 Palmer BC 400 AA battery charger
The Palmer BC 400 AA battery charger was also unveiled, controlled by a micro-controller that charges up to 16 AA or AAA batteries simultaneously, capable of charging a combination of each type. 

Charging stations are available as accessories, capable of supporting two 9 V blocks that can be combined as needed with the AA and AAA charging stations. 

The charger monitors the charging status of each individual battery, identifying defective batteries and protecting against overcharging and short-circuiting, with the built-in multi-voltage power supply facilitating worldwide use. 

Palmer Monicon XL
Initially unveiled as a prototype at Winter NAMM 2019, The Monicon XL, part of the Palmer Monicon series of controllers, has been launched.
The Palmer Monicon XL features a structured user interface and a correlation meter to address mixing errors, displaying the phase difference between the left and right channel of a stereo signal and revealing mono compatibility errors in a mix. 

The interface is divided over two levels, with the central control and display elements inclined towards the user to allow for flexible positioning on tables. The analogue audio circuit also allows for zero latency when monitoring. 

Palmer Studimon 5 active studio monitor
The Palmer Studimon 5 active 5-in studio monitor was unveiled, designed for studios and other professional audio environments. The studio monitor features a bass reflex port, jack and XLR inputs in addition to volume control. 


Gravity Touring series
The Gravity Touring series was also shown, comprised of the TMS 4321 B microphone stand with standard boom, the TMS 4322 B microphone stand with telescope boom and the TSP 5212 LB steel speaker stand with an auto lockpin. 


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