Adam Hall adds to DDQ Series Subwoofers

Adam Hall has released two active cardioid subwoofers - the DDQ Sub 18 and DDQ Sub 212 - which are powered by two high-performance Hypex Class D amplifier modules sharing a high-efficiency SMPS.

They deliver 700 watts continuous each and a total of 2.800 watts peak power. The DDQ Sub 18 is equipped with an 18" FaitalPRO woofer while the DDQ Sub 212 is loaded with dual 12" custom neodymium drivers.

Featuring a dynamic range of 127dB/113 dB ADC/DAC the DDQ subwoofers' Sharc DSP has been custom-programmed for LD Systems. It provides all filtering, phase alignment and comprehensive protections plus a peak limiter with 1ms look-ahead time for reliable, distortion-free audio even at maximum levels.

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